Deciduous:  leaves falling away from the plant (not evergreen).

Decussate:  referring to opposite leaves as they alternate, in pairs, at rights angles along the stem

Dehiscent: Splitting open at maturity (refers to a fruit opening to release seeds or to anthers opening to release pollen).

Dioecious: having staminate (male) and pistillate (female) flowers on separate plants.

Disk (disc) floret:  A tubular flower found in the center of many members of the Aster family.

Double serrate (or doubly toothed): Coarse serrations (teeth) bear smaller serrations on their margins (describes a leaf margin).

Drupe: A fruit in which an outer fleshy layer surrounds a hard ‘stone’ or pit which encloses the seeds.

Elliptic:  An oval shape widest in the middle and narrowed on both ends.

Emarginate: Having a shallow notch at the tip.

Entire:  Unbroken or not toothed (describes the margin of the leaf).

Evergreen:  Retaining green foliage throughout the year.

Filament: The stalk of the male stamen.

Follicle: A fruit derived from a single ovary and opening along a single suture.   Example: milkweed, columbine.

Fruit:  The ripened ovary of the flower.