Margin:  The edge of a structure (leaf, petal, etc.).

Midrib (midvein): The main, more prominent vein of a leaf.

Monoecious:  Male and female flower parts held in separate structures on the same plant.

Naked (bud):  A bud not covered by scales.

Node:  The point on a stem where the buds and leaves develop and are attached.

Nut:  large, dry fruit with a thick, bony wall surrounding the seed.

Nutlet:   A small nut.

Opposite:   Arranged in pairs; inserted on opposite sides of a stem at the same node.

Ovary:  The lower part of the female pistil.  It contains the ovules that will become seeds when fertilized.

Ovate: Egg-shaped, being broadest at the base.

Ovule: The egg-containing structure held in the ovary. It becomes the seed when fertilized.